Saturday, May 29, 2010


350 years ago today, the republican and Puritanical tyranny that was the Lord-Protectorate came to an end, as Charles II returned to London on his 30th birthday. The Merrie Monarch ruled for a quarter-century, rebuilding those national institutions which the Roundheads had so thoroughly desired to obliterate, allying himself to Louis XIV, and, having long held Catholic sympathies and even having attempted to rescind the penal laws, crossing the Tiber on his deathbed.

God save the King.


  1. Rather an unusual phenomenon, a royal restoration, let alone one that endured. Although, doubtless, the British monarchy was badly weakened by the unfortunate events of the past.

  2. Yes, it was weakened, so much so that a hundred years later, could anyone say that the king held more power than Parliament? But the British monarchy is still here, and HM The Queen rules not just Great Britain but 15 other realms.

    And I sincerely believe the British monarchy will be around 350 years from now, hopefully much strengthened.