Sunday, May 30, 2010

The real French national holiday: Jehanne la Pucelle

It is today the feast of Ste Jeanne d'Arc. According to genealogical research commissioned some years ago, I am a direct descendant of Jacques Darc (later du Lys), her father.

Her tale is among the most incredible in history and so well known that it scarcely bears repeating. It bespeaks the faith, loyalty, and chivalry for which France was renowned. Yet today's French seem to celebrate more the treason, apostasy, and bloodthirst that Bastille Day represents.

A pox on all that, I say. A proud diaspora Frenchmen, when I think of my motherland, I'd rather not think of my massacred Vendéen kinsmen, of the pillaged churches and martyred priests, or of the slain king, queen, and dauphin. Instead, I'd prefer to think of ma tante Jeanne.

King of England, and you, Duke of Bedford, who call yourself Regent of the kingdom France; you William de la Pole, Count of Suffolk; John, Lord Talbot; and you Thomas, Lord Scales, who call yourselves lieutenants of the said Duke of Bedford, do justly by the King of Heaven; render to the Maid who is sent here of God, the King of Heaven, the keys of all the good cities that you have taken and violated in France. She has come here from God to restore the royal blood. She is all ready to make peace, if you will deal rightly by her, acknowledge the wrong done France, and pay for what you have taken. And all of you, archers, companions of war, nobles and others who are before you; and if this is not done, expect news of the Maid, who will go to see your shortly, to your very great damage. King of England, if you do not do this, I am Chef de Guerre, and in whatever place I shall find your people in France, I will make them go whether they will or not; and if they will not obey I will have them all killed. I am sent here by God, the King of Heaven, each and all, to put you out of all France. And if they will obey I will be merciful. And stand not by your opinion, for you will never hold the kingdom of France through God, King of Heaven, son of Saint Mary; it will be thus ruled by King Charles VII, true heritor; for God , the King of Heaven, wishes it, and this to him is revealed by the Maid, and he will enter Paris in good company. If you will not believe the news from God and the Maid, in whatever place we shall find you, we shall strike in your midst, and will make so great a hurrah that for a thousand years there has not been one in France so great, if you do not deal justly. And you may well believe that the King of Heaven will send more strength to the Maid than you will be able to lead in all your assaults against her and her good soldiers. And when the blows fall we shall see who will have the better right from God of Heaven. You, Duke of Bedford, the Maid begs you and requires of you that you work not your own destruction. If you listen to her you will yet be able to come in her company to where the French will do the finest deed that ever was done for Christianity. And reply to this, if you wish to make peace at the city of Orleans; and if thus you do not do, you will shortly remember it to your great sorrow. Written this Tuesday, Holy Week. [March 22, 1429]

Ste Jeanne, priez que la fille plus aînée de l'église se souvienne de ses promesses de baptême.

Jhésus + Marie
Vive la France


  1. Magnificent post...Happy Feast Day!

  2. Thank you, Matterhorn, and a happy feast day to you as well!

  3. Happy feast and what a joy to share the blood of the Maid.

  4. Thank you, Elena Maria, and likewise to you. It is indeed quite a joy--but also an almost sacred charge to be a worthy heir of my ancestors.

  5. Wonderful cousin. I have just found your site and have spent the afternoon reading and enjoying. My mother was a Palardy and I have traced the family back to the first Palardy in Acadia. Thank you for sharing yourself.

  6. Bonjour, cousine, et bienvenue à mon blog!

    I am quite glad that you are enjoying my work here, and promise that quite soon I shall post more to enjoy.

    I'd also be quite interested in your genealogical research. If you have the time and space, do contact me at mpalardy AT, as I may have some to share as well.

    Thank you for the comment here and for making yourself known to me.