Thursday, November 25, 2010

Come home, America

An antidote to the conspicuous consumption we will surely see on this day. Already at the local shopping centres, people are lining up so they can be the first into the stores. This attitude is not what made our country great, and has caused not only ourselves, but the world over, to sink into the grips of recession.

For the sake of future generations, stop this silliness at once. We have our families and our friends, our mountains and our oceans, our faith and our customs. What we scorn as hokey and corny our ancestors once took as the royal purple. So ironic it is that after giving thanks for what we have, we should callously trample on security guards that we might have more.

America, that day is done. If you seek to be a leader in the world, come home now, and show the virtues that have made us a great nation, and (not just Americans, but all of us Westerners) a great culture in the past.

This blog post is dedicated to a darling little girl whom I sadly won't be able to visit today.

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