Thursday, October 21, 2010

Je me souviens

When I lived in beautiful Québec City in late 2006, one could go nowhere without hearing this song. Reflecting on the canonization of Frère André, and noting that earlier this week was the memorial of the North American Martyrs, whose bravery for the sake of the Gospel cannot fail to inspire, I am finding myself today increasingly nostalgic for la belle province. More specifically, I'm experiencing the same nostalgia as Mes Aïeux here, a nostalgia for a simpler, healthier, more traditional, more Catholic Québec before the Quiet Revolution, the land whence my ancestors came, the land whence Frère André came.

Thus, I'll post some more traditional-style music today, in commemoration of the eldest daughter of the Eldest Daughter of the Church.


  1. I am nostalgic for these things as well Matthew, and I have only been to Quebec twice. Each time it was like being in my home in which I never lived. These were my people. Our common heritage, la France sacre. Richard

  2. I don't think I ever ate so well or danced so long as I did when I was in Québec. You're right, Richard; it's our home, and shall be as long as the churches are the most prominent buildings in the villages and the French language is spoken there.