Saturday, March 16, 2013

Compelled to break silence

My fellow traditional Catholics,

Though I don't post here any longer, I still try to remain present around the edges, and receive much of my information about what is transpiring in the Church at large from you. Thus, though I'm scarcely an active participant in the blogging circle, you do me an invaluable service.

That said, however, I've been very troubled in this past week by much of what's been being said about Pope Francis. I'll admit that I was not enthused at his election. However, neither am I appalled. He remains my Pope, and, certain things I question aside, I am willing to give him a chance. Perhaps he is not a TLM enthusiast, but I doubt he'll ever abrogate SP or the other great gifts given us by Pope Benedict. Traditional circles are, after all, the likely the only part of growing, non-dessicated part the Church in the Western world.

Think, however, of all the other parts of the Church that are dessicated and in need of attention. The Holy Spirit cares an awful lot about our liturgy, no doubt, but is not limited by it. I can't say that I know the divine logic behind the election of Pope Francis, nor do any of us, nor are we supposed to. We would do well to remember this.

In the meantime, such naysaying, ad-hominem attacks, even slander and calumny, that I've been hearing in the circles of traditional Catholic blogs is unconscionable, particularly when our Holy Father, who has said and done very little as Pope as of yet--moreover, one who appeared so daunted by the trials he knew he would have to face while standing on the balcony--is the object of this! If we're doubtful, then we should be on our knees rather than on our keyboards. This is behaviour I expect from the anti-clerical media, but not from those who consider themselves to be loyal sons of the Church.

We are yet in Lent, and we all know where the confessionals are. I have, as yet, been a little loose in my Lenten observance, I will admit. However, that ends today, for I feel impelled to make reparation for those unjustified and Pharisaical attacks on Pope Francis from those who should be his loyalists. The man has enough enemies as it is: the press, entrenched powers in the Roman Curia, the half-witted chattering classes, and so forth; what he needs from us is our prayers and penance. Let us offer these amply.

I make this public not because I wish to offer rebuke to our Holy Father's critics, nor because I wish we should all be uncritical--heaven knows that I harbour some skepticism as it is--but rather because I would like to invite you ("you" being whoever comes across this jotting) to join me in my reparation, and in offering prayers and penance for Pope Francis, remembering always the teaching of Our Lord:

"Love your enemies: do good to them that hate you: and pray for them that persecute and calumniate you: That you may be the children of your Father who is in heaven, who maketh his sun to rise upon the good, and bad, and raineth upon the just and the unjust. For if you love them that love you, what reward shall you have? do not even the publicans this? And if you salute your brethren only, what do you more? do not also the heathens this? Be you therefore perfect, as also your heavenly Father is perfect."

Yours in Christ,
Matthew Palardy


  1. The correct time is an informative thing :

    We have entered the "age to come" foretold by Jesus in Mark 10:30, the Glorious Manifestation of Our King, Lord, and Savior Jesus Christ. (the Harmonious Gospel of Saint Mark, chapter 10, verse 30)