Friday, February 12, 2010

Whiggery has seen its heyday

What then shall replace it?

The traditional order of Western society having recently come under unstudied attack in these pages, I cite the always insightful Gerald Warner here as evidence that I'm not merely a nostalgic, romantic dreamer.

I could play tit-for-tat and launch a broadside against the unjust, inhumane, utilitarian, and dictatorial rulers who usurped the old order and rather broadly spread human misery across society.

However, we all know the wonderful record of the dominance of mercantile democratism, and so I think it speaks for itself.

Thanks to J.K. Baltzersen at The Monarchist for the link.


  1. I think a Neo_Feudalism, that keeps te rights of man but reduces Government to a handful fo Local Lords, bound by law, is worth looking into...

  2. Absolutely it would. I'm somewhat of the mind that the distributism promulgated by Chesterton and Belloc would be a good starting point.